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Minggu, 04 April 2010

brainwave stop smoking free

Finally, Meta-Mind Enterprises trains its technology on the more common problems.

Introducing the Quit Smoking Xtreme (QSX) Soundtrack. The first in a new generation of behaviour modification audio products from Meta-Mind.

This soundtrack features Meta-Mind’s unique mind-communications technologies to deliver parasubliminal and subliminal messages to your unconscious mind, creating a tremendous aversion to smoking cigarettes or tobacco. If this has been a problem for you, QSX will transform you such that YOU WILL NEVER TOUCH A CIGARETTE AGAIN IN THE NEAR FUTURE !

QSX is packed with the proven Meta-Mind Silent Subliminal technologies, the appropriate Solfeggio frequencies and the right blend of hemispherical entrainment tones to put you in the proper, relaxed and receptive state to effect changes in your psychology. Changes so powerful, that as you quit the disgusting habit of smoking, you will begin to enjoy sparkly sensitive sense of taste, deeper and more enjoyable breathing and best of all, a healthier lifestyle.

In Mere Days, You Will Find Smoking So Abhorrent, You Will Retch At Cigarettes

In laying down the vocal tracks which comprise the parasubliminal messages, we have used the new Angelizer chi-to-audio enrichment module. The Angelizer is a device which infuses sound with powerful blue chi energy, and this energy is both modulated and captured in the QSX soundtrack. Hence, the spoken affirmations will be speaking to your psyche, and to your energy body at the same time thus creating a maximum alignment and increasing the effectiveness of this soundtrack by many fold over traditional behavioral change soundtracks. So powerful, results may be experienced after the first listening !

Thus, QSX is a fusion of Meta-mind’s motivational and chi-generation engineering technologies !

Enjoy Life ! Quit Smoking NOW with the Quit Smoking Xtreme !


QSX is a stereo-separated parasubliminal program that should be listened to with a set of high-quality stereo headphones. Encoded in high-quality variable bit rate mp3 format. Suitable for loading into mp3 players.

QSX is a 10-minute parasubliminal soundtrack featuring repetitive affirmations. At user’s option, the soundtrack may be looped continuously or sequenced for the desired number of times on an mp3 player.



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